2019 Proxy Season

This year ICCR members filed 265 resolutions at 176 companies. This year is notable for a surge in human rights-related proposals, 43 overall, with emerging themes that relate to digital rights and the growing influence of Google, Facebook and Amazon. Still other resolutions examine how companies with government contracts may be linked to human rights abuses as a result of “zero tolerance” U.S. immigration policies.

Noteworthy Trends

Filings on Immigrant Detention
Against a backdrop of new immigration policies with discriminatory overtones, seven resolutions this year focused on immigration, including addressing immigrant detention in for-profit private prisons; the use of facial recognition technology at the border; and banks’ financing of private prisons involved in immigrant detention and agencies involved in child separation

Data Privacy Concerns Spur Investor Actions in the ICT Sector
Information, communications and technology (ICT) companies drive global innovation and influence the lives of millions of people worldwide. Yet, without proper oversight, some of these technologies have the potential to cause serious, unintended social harm. As a result, this year ICCR members filed a group of resolutions with companies in the ICT sector.

A Focus on Amazon
As one of the largest companies in the world, Amazon has unrivaled global impact and, as a result of its vast supply chain, significant environmental and social risks. This season ICCR members filed ten resolutions urging Amazon to address its risk exposure across a number of issues, including the potential misuse of its facial recognition software, how it is addressing hate speech on its platforms, its greenhouse gas emissions reductions goals and how it is addressing potential forced labor in its supply chain and more. Amazon has challenged six of the resolutions at the SEC.

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