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24th Sep 2019

No mention of escalating gun violence by management at annual meeting of firearms man

19th Sep 2019

Citing human and economic tolls of climate change, investors release a new set of rec

12th Sep 2019

Citing concerns that NAFTA 2.0 will expand prescription drug monopoly protections and

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1st Oct 2019
Blog: Will Corp Fin’s new policy for addressing shareholder proposals lead to more litigation?
1st Oct 2019
Smith & Wesson parent American Outdoor Brands stockholders reject nuns’ human rights resolution -- but sisters calling for an end to violence see progress
30th Sep 2019
Is religious investing the same as responsible investing?

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David Schilling

ICCR Program Director

We ask companies to adopt responsible supply chain policies that prevent migrant workers from becoming trapped in situations of forced labor. 

Investor action on human rights