How Staff Advance ICCR's Mission

Expertise/Coordination/Engagement Support

Effective corporate engagement requires a tremendous amount of preparation, outreach and coordination. On any given day, staff conduct research; draft key talking points; assist in the development of investor letters and guidelines, white papers, benchmarking studies and other reports; shape strategic goals including the development of criteria to measure company progress; and, identify and resolve barriers to progress on a multitude of corporate social responsibility issues. 

Program staff further coordinates member work by convening multiple monthly conference calls and actively participating in all corporate dialogues. 

In addition, staff support ICCR members in the crafting of approximately 200 shareholder resolutions that our members file each year. When necessary, staff assists our legal counsel in the development of the defenses of those resolutions at the SEC if they are omitted from the ballot by companies. ICCR's communication staff works to support member initiatives through the development of press campaigns and public outreach. Additionally, staff develop engagement tools and training sessions for new ICCR members.


David Schilling participates in human trafficking panel, Rome

ICCR staff coordinate  roundtables and  educational webinars convening  participants from corporations, NGOs and community groups around the world to advance issues such as  increasing access to life-saving HIV/AIDS medicines and mitigating against the adverse impacts of consumption and operations on global water supplies. 

ICCR staff is also responsible for the coordination of our thrice annual week-long member meetings held in February (Winter Conference), June (Annual General Meeting) and October (Fall Conference). During our Fall Conferences, ICCR staff host 300 members, allies and corporate representatives for a panel discussion with thought leaders from the disciplines of faith, business, civil society, government and the NGO community.


Nadira Narine, Program Director, Strategic Initiatives

Building ICCR's sphere of influence is another key role for senior staff who are often called upon to participate in conferences and panels to educate newcomers to the field of shareholder advocacy and to share our knowledge of specific program areas. ICCR staff have been invited to speak at convenings at the White House, Houses of Congress, at countless industry events and at colleges and universities across the globe. This outreach builds the field, broadens our influence and informs and strengthens the work of our members.

ICCR's maintains valuable online communications portals which include both a members-only and a public-facing website, social media outlets and our shareholder actions database, which stores thousands of historical ICCR shareholder actions.  Staff also develop numerous publications including ICCR's quarterly Corporate Examiner magazine, the annual Proxy Resolutions and Voting Guide and the many white papers, guides, reports, statements and letters which members use in their work.  


How ICCR members work in coalition to create justice.

Sr. Joellen Sbrissa, the Congregation of St. Josephy

How ICCR staff help members like Joellen and her Congregation fulfill their mission to care for the earth. 

ICCR's Hierarchy of Impact

Benchmarking progress.

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